We don’t do Art Upgrades, we unlock Art Inspiration

Want to see all your new Art Unlock Ballers inspired by our OG Collection. Click through, and connect your Wallet, and lets see these new creations.

Collection 1

tristan-zammit first Art Unlock Artist

Tristan Zammit

Toronto born, Philadelphia based. Tristan Zammit is an independent artist offering fully animated music videos, cover art, posters, animated assets, and lyric videos.

Tristan has been heavily involved in creating a range of artwork and animation for Bubblegoose, including Directing and Animating our Music Video ~ LFGOOSE.

As well as creating music Videos for some entertainment giants:

Collection 2

To Be announced

Who is going to be the Artist of our 2nd Collection of inspired art? We will be announcing this soon, and with many more to come after that….






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