our story

Chapter 1

Brand Guide

When we set out to reinvent the Bubblegoose Ballers brand, we knew we needed an overhaul of colors and fonts. We wanted to give BGB an edge, the brand needed to be more sexy and less soft.

We ditched the pastelles and the wide range of colors and focused on a deep, intense pink, complimented by a hit of neon yellow.

For the logos and fonts, we tapped Kristian Grljevic, a critically-acclaimed graphic designer from Croatia. We touched up our logo and developed a bold, custom font, inspired by classic anime posters.



We revealed the seven main characters of the BGB Universe in weekly installments. The character descriptions came straight from the official pitch deck that we’ve been sharing with some of the biggest entertainment companies on Earth.

We made animated stickers of each character to be used on Twitter, Discord, and Giphy. These stickers are full of Baller personality and serve as a powerful way to get the Geese in front of millions of new eyes on a daily basis.

We reached 1 million total views on our Giphy page just days after the final reveal.


With great branding comes great websites. Once we finished our rebrand, we got straight to work on a new website. But, as the list of things to put on the site kept growing, we realized we needed two.

Our main site, bubblegooseballers.xyz, is a brand-focused landing page for anyone interested in BGB. This is a site for us to share with partners, and for people to find us and get the information they need.

Our community site, ballhalla.xyz, is a one-stop shop for our holders to access our utilities like Flocking, Art Unlocks, and more… Ballhalla also provides a deeper level of information about BGB for those already familiar with the brand.

We teamed up with Dialect to take our first BGB Sticker Pack mainstream. Dialect is one of the leading messaging apps in web3. They’ve released over 100 sticker packs to their users with Solana’s compressed NFT technology. Our first round of stickers set a new record as the largest pack Dialect has ever released, featuring 19 animated stickers.

Dialect also airdropped 3 random stickers to all 2,500+ BGB holders, in addition to all of their top users. If you missed out on the mint, head to Tensor and grab some stickers.


Once we got the BGB brand reestablished, it was time to ship on-chain. We launched FLOCKING, the Baller version of staking. And we don’t flock for just any old coin, holders earn the real-world currency of Ballerwood, Featheral Reserve Coins. The streets don’t flock with the feaths though, so everyone just calls it $LUCCI.

Flocked Ballers earn 1 $LUCCI per day. $LUCCI can be spent on a variety of items within the BGB ecosystem. From Art Unlocks to Royal-T’s submissions, and so much more to come…

Art Unlocks
Since mint, the BGB team had always noticed that the OG Baller artwork does not usually make for a great PFP unless you zoom in to the face. We wanted to develop a new style of “art upgrade” that no one had tried before, and something that aligned with our interests in supporting artists. We didn’t want to do a typical upgrade and remove our OG art from the blockchain. We found a way to give our holders more art while supporting artists we love, Art Unlocks.

Art Unlocks allows BGB holders to get new PFPs of their Ballers from a wide range of acclaimed artists approximately every six months. Flocked holders benefit from getting the unlock for just 1 $LUCCI + 0.15 SOL in the first two weeks of each Unlock’s release. After two weeks, the Unlock costs 10% of the BGB floor price in SOL. Our first Unlock was made by Tristious, a pioneer and leader of the animated music video industry with well over one billion views across his work.


Coming off the heels of our first Art Unlock, we announced Royal-T’s, a new way to bring value to holders by combining apparel and profit-share. BGB holders paid $LUCCI to submit their Ballers into the drawing pool for our founder, Carl Jones, to hand-pick his five favorites. The winners then signed an IP licensing contract on behalf of their Baller so that we could use it in our designs and split a portion of the profits from every sale with them.

The Royal-T’s contract is attached to the Baller, not the holder, so holders are able to trade Ballers that are actively earning fees. Payouts are sent to the wallet holding the contracted Ballers.

Animation as a Service
In one of our biggest announcements to date, we officially brought Martian Blueberry, the award-winning animation studio and creative agency founded by Carl and Love Jones, to web3. The minds behind Martian Blueberry are responsible for some of the most culturally impactful work of the past two decades. From The Boondocks and Black Dynamite, to The Last O.G. and They Cloned Tyrone, the Martians only grow hungrier with each release. Martian Blueberry has opened its doors to web3 with a special offer only available to on-chain collections and communities.

If you or your project may be interested, please contact us.

Writers room

Keeping the Chapter One deliverables rolling, we dropped a long-awaited piece of our OG roadmap, the BGB Community Writers Room. The Writers Room is one of the more remarkable opportunities for creatives of any level in web3. Holding a Bubblegoose Baller gives you access to our discord server where you can develop your writing and creative skills under one of the most successful creators and writers of the past twenty years, Carl Jones.

Starting with producing content for our new social media campaigns, we see the Writers Room developing into a place where holders can share creative input on everything from comic books to the Bubblegoose Ballers animated series. Anything can happen in web3; the BGB Writers Room could be the start of your new career. FLOCK IN!


Everyone loves free stuff, we know we do.

So we partnered with Anybodies NFT and together we launched our $BONK Staking Campaign, where our Holders could FLOCK their ballers and earn $BONK.

How much $BONK? A nice 5,000 $BONK every day.  Easy as that!!

The campaign was run as two periods of 30 days each, and was dope way to end CHAPTER 1.

Chapter 2


Introducing the first of many deliverable in Chapter 2, our first ever ALBUM.

Now normally we‘d license the music from a Label, but of course in normal Carl Jones’ style of being a disruptor, we expanded and built a division within MARTIAN BLUEBERRY (parent company of BUBBLEGOOSE BALLERS) to launch its own music with the very first of its kind NFT based album.

But being a BALLER we don‘t just start with any ALBUM, we go BIG with 💎BUBBLEGOOSE BALLERS LFGOOSE! Mixtape Vol.1 – Hosted by Thugnificent💎. YES, we have brought back the loud mouth legend, ya boy Thugnificent from “The Boondocks”, to host VOL.1., with Artists and Producers from around the US.

Partnering with EVEN.BIZ for the launch, as they also Officially Launch their own platform. Has allowed us to potential to get our 💎LFGOOSE! MIXTAPE VOL.1 – Hosted by THUGNIFICENT💎 in front of 1 million+ right the Official Launch.

With a lot of media and marketing being launched over the next few weeks, this should be one of our largest deliverables, and ensure our IP becomes recognizable with WEB2 space and not just the WEB3.